Wednesday, 21 March 2012

TV korea vpn distributors

A recent article in the New York Times described one family's use of an inexpensive mini computer, an Xbox (which was not even "absolutely necessary"), Boxee, Hulu and Netflix to cancel their monthly $140 cable subscription and save $1,600 a year.73 Thirty-five percent of respondents in a recent survey said they would consider canceling their cable TV subscription within the next five years to watch TV exclusively on the Internet.74 Americans already could watch a third of their television hours without a cable TV subscription on over-the-air standard- and high-definition digital channels available with an antenna for free.75 While clearly not all Americans will cancel their subscriptions in the short term, millions of households could. As one financial analyst observed, "People are starting to wonder, do we even need the cable connections?"76Whether consumers will actually cut the cord, clearly cable providers fear the possibility. "We are starting to see the beginning of cord cutting," said Glenn Britt, the chief executive of Time Warne Cable in February 2009. "People will choose not  to buy subscription video if they can get the same stuff for free."77 According to a senior vice president at Cablevision-owned Rainbow Media Holdings, which owns channels like AMC and IFC, "My biggest fear would be not so much people cutting the cord, but the younger generation coming up and never buying into [cable TV]."78 A recent report by the firm SNL Kagan concludes that "videos over the Internet will continue to erode the subscriber base from the multichannel services vendors in the United States," though perhaps less than cable TV korea vpn distributors fear.79  While cord-cutting is likely further in the future for most Americans, many Americans may turn to existing devices and services — like Netflix and Hulu — instead of paying a few dollars for a TV show on-demand or a monthly fee to rent a cable DVR. As the cable industry would like to preserve and expand DVR and on-demand revenues, this is a real threat to them. Cable TV distributors do not like this picture. They would rather charge consumers twice — for cable TV andfor Internet service. These operators "worry that the proliferation of free video on the Web — and downloadable shows on Apple iTunes — may be harming the $60-billion-a-year subscription video business by allowing people to unplug their cable services."80 As Professor Jonathan Taplin noted, cable TV distributors "would rather" you not cancel your cable TV subscription and "that you pay them 70 bucks a month for maybe a lot of channels you don't use."81

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