Wednesday, 4 April 2012

experiencing problems with the italian server

is anyone experiencing problems with the italian server? it was alive for me but it hasn't formed for the endure 3 canicule now. i've approved contacting abutment yesterday, they told me they were accepting problems but today i approved to ability out to them but i haven't gotten any answers.

Cheers Yes me too. It's the alone server I use. Very annoying because I charge it for my work. The italy server is not down, but I got told 'the Italy server is currently bare because of our datacenter moving.'

They said it was traveling to be up anon again, but couldn't accord an official eta, as it's out of their hands.

So I assumption already that datacenter has moved, it will be aback again.well acknowledgment for the active up because chump account hasn't said annihilation to me so far. It is aswell the alone server i use so appropriate now i'm absolutely agitated by the bearings and the abridgement of advice from the company. I absolutely achievement it gets up and active afresh soon.


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