Friday, 11 May 2012

How to use VPN/Proxy Play WOW US EU TW Server in Austria

How to use VPN/Proxy Play WOW US EU TW Server in Austria


Play wow in Austria?  Reduce latency online game anywhere. I am a US server player. Like all of you, I can't connect to US servers and US official website after the blockage. I did some research and found out there is a way to connect to US server. I subscribed a US Virtual Private Network(VPN) account and i am able to connect and play US WoW now. The theory is i am using my internet connection to connect to the VPN, then connect to any server or website u want. The VPN provider is VpnTraffic . The speed of my provider is ok. around 500ms to 1.5k ms. sometimes, it is higher, but it's quite stable so far. For those people who play in EU or TW server, i think it will be better if u find some EU or TW local VPN providers. I hope my info could help u guys. 


WoW Lag got you down Reduce The Lag ? Can't finish your quest because of lag, always getting killed in battlegrounds because of lag? Then this guide is for you! This guide will help you to identify the problem that is causing you to lag.

With wow vpn, you can play wow us server,eu server or tw server freely.

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