Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How to Listen to Mog streaming in Cyprus

How to Listen to Mog streaming in Cyprus


Listen to Mog outside US in Cyprus. MOG is a music media website founded in June 2005 by David Hyman, former CEO for Gracenote. MOG pursues one single goal: to perfect your music-listening experience.

MOG's all-you-can-eat, on-demand listening service gives access to a vast range of +14 million songs through mobile apps on iPhone and Android, on the Web, through consumer electronic devices, Internet connected TVs as the Apple TV and Blu-ray players. MOG provides great ease-of-use services, discovery features and audio quality.

MOG Inc. is also the provider of The MOG Music Network (MMN) which includes over 1,700 music sites, generating 10,000 blog posts a week, and receiving over 60 million unique visitors a month.

Unfortunately for non-US-residents, Mog is only available in the US. The licensing constraints have forced the company to settle blocking system which systematically detects your origin by analyzing your IP.

How to unblock Mog outside the US?

Bypassing those kind of geo-blocking simply consists of using a program which is called the Virtual Private Network (VPN). The VPN builds a secure tunnel for your connection to VPN server which allows your data encryption. Then it redirects your connection to the requested website.

Once you are connected, the server provides you a new IP, in accordance of your country location. Thus you are able to appear as an American, your access to all geo-blocked websites is granted.

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