Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How to Watch Germany TV in Argentina

How to Watch Germany TV in Argentina


Change germany ip address in Argentina. The expats know the problem: watching the German TV channels like ARD, RTL, ZDF, SAT1, 3sat pro7 is a real headache. These TV channels have a regional lockout, which is set to prevent access outside of Germany.

In fact, the rights to broadcast programs, are limited in the interior of Germany. This applies to all the famous Replay sites.

The blocking system analyzes each entry by its IP address. If it turns out that the location of this IP address is not situated in Germany, your access will easily be blocked. An error message appears, and it is impossible to access the contents of these pages.


Accessing germany tv with a VPN

The VPN gives you the ability to bypass the geo-blocking. It creates a secure connection to a VPN server which redirect your browsing. During this process you benefit from a new IP (in accordance with the server location) and allows you to access freely to the requested website.

In order to be able to watch germany tv from anywhere in the world you need a germany VPN service that provides access to a german server. This way, when you connect to the VPN you will be seen as leaving in germany and you will be granted full access to all shows available. This is the easiest way to unblock germany tv!

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