Monday, 4 February 2013

How to bypass BitTorrent Monitors-You Are Being Spied On

How to bypass BitTorrent Monitors-You Are Being Spied On

How to bypass BitTorrent Monitors-You Are Being Spied On
Its no great surprise to me, but at least when it gets covered on the BBC News then more people will believe its true. We are not anonymous online and in fact there are people actively tracking and spying on us for a variety of reasons. The BitTorrent story is related to a study completed by Birmingham University, who concluded that anyone using the file sharing service BitTorrent was being monitored. The study is published here The Unbearable Lightness of Monitoring: Direct Monitoring in BitTorrentThe study points out that there are at least 10 large monitoring firms logging details of illegal downloads using these sites. If you start downloading a pirate copy of a popular film or album, your IP address will be recorded within 4 hours by these firms. So if you dont fancy being on a list of individuals guilty of copyright theft sitting on the desk of some sneaky litigation lawyer then youd better be careful using torrent sites like this and Pirate Bay.So why are these firms doing this? What are they actually planning to use these huge lists of illegal downloaders for? Well theres probably a certain amount of just in case the data could potentially be lucrative so they are grabbing it now. The biggest clue comes in the various court cases that have appeared over the years one of the most famous being the slimy bunch from ACS Law.
How Do They Do That?
In all of the countries that block Skype or other online destinations, there is a manual process involved. Usually they have a firewall that restricts specific websites or data ports. Because all of your web traffic passes through their firewall before it reaches the outside world, its an effective block for anyone trying to get to a program or website directly.
How to Get Around It
The work around is connect to a VPN. A VPN bypasses the firewall, because after you make your initial connection (which your ISP can still deny) you have formed a private tunnel between your computer and your VPNs server. So when you go to use Skype youre not going through the firewall at all. You can basically do whatever youd like.
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Internet was formed around the principal of openness and freedom, yet we see a lot of countries controlling the online behavior of their citizen by restricting access to various internet services. Over the past few years, we have come across online services and websites from many countries that are blocked for one reason or the other. One of these services is Skype, very popular VoIP software that lets you talk to your fellow Skype partner for free.
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