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How to configure vpn mac tiger

How to configure vpn mac tiger

How to configure vpn mac tiger
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How to setup Mac OS X Built-In Cisco VPN

As an alternative to downloading the Cisco VPN client for Mac OS X, you can also use the built in IPSec version found on your machine. This might be more convenient for those who wish to avoid installing additional software.

You will need an Account in order to access the Mac VPN.

1. Head over to your System Preferences and to the Network Settings.

System Preferences > Network

2. Add a New interface.

3. Input the following settings:
VPN Type:Cisco IPSec
Service Name:This can be anything, I left the default.

4. Edit the new interface details as follows:
Account Name:Your vpn account
Password:Your vpn password

5. Click on theAuthentication Settings...button as shown above.
Both theShared SecretandGroup Nameshould be entered as: ipsec

Hit OK and now you should be able to pressConnect. This will prompt you for your password and after a successful authentication, you will now be connected to the VPN.

You can also check theShow VPN Status in Menu Barbox for easier access later.

What you need is a VPN account !

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